Apartments finishing

Designing and arranging your own apartment is a challenge that requires a lot of time and energy from us. Today, although we have at our fingertips various visualizations and solutions proposed by internet portals, showrooms with equipment, and even ready-made projects of our friends’ apartments, however, in order to design the perfect, unique and unique space for yourself, it is worth considering the possibility of commissioning this task to us.

We specialize in creating projects and implementing them “Turnkey”. We will make you live in the house you dream about. Rely on specialists and gain more time for yourself. We are flexible and we enter the moment that you always decide.

We offer the option of selecting ready-made finishing packages and their implementation, as well as cooperation with an architect on an individual project. You can hire our employees for any renovation works needed to finish the apartment. You gain the certainty of price stability and a guarantee for all services provided. We work based on interior designs of our architects, external companies and your own. Take advantage of convenient and comprehensive solutions that will save you time and money.

Why is it worth taking advantage of the turnkey finishing offer?

You can commission most of the work to us remotely.

You have guaranteed contractors for all work.

You are guaranteed the price in today’s volatile market.

You have guarantee of the work carried out.

You have arranged your apartment in line with the trends.

You save time.

You save money – constantly rising prices and mistakes made in the project many times mean that you have to buy materials and correct them again.

Quickly and efficiently you will move to a new apartment.

“I bought a ready-made flat and was wondering how to arrange it, since I work permanently abroad and I don’t have time for it. As a result, I took advantage of the turnkey finishing offer and it was a bull’s eye. We discussed most of the matters remotely, I came to the apartment practically to take care of the last details. I recommend it, it’s worth it. “

Tomasz Z.

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Agnieszka O.

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