How to choose an apartment wisely?

Buying an apartment is an important decision, usually made for many years. So read what you should pay attention to when choosing your own “M”. All these aspects will have an impact on the comfort of our life and will also allow us to sell or rent a property in some time, if, for example, you decide to move.

Why are you buying an apartment? We have three basic options: I want to become independent and I am looking for my first home, My family is growing, so I am looking for a bigger apartment, or are you buying an investment to benefit from the lease?

Location matters.

Each city has better districts and those considered less attractive, which undoubtedly affects the price per m2 when buying a flat and in the future. If you are looking for a place to rent, it is worth checking whether the proposed location is near universities, large office buildings or whether it has good access to them. These aspects are important for the landlord. If you are looking for an apartment for yourself, pay attention to public transport and road infrastructure so that you can get where you need to in a relatively short time. It is a waste of time in traffic jams with so many things. People with children should pay attention to the presence of schools, kindergartens, clinics and playgrounds.

Check with the municipal office in the spatial development plan in the immediate area to be sure that the surrounding here and now will not change or to what extent. With this knowledge, it will be easier for you to make a decision.

Is it worth buying apartments under construction?

It is worth waiting for the construction to be completed, because firstly, the price at the beginning of the sale is more attractive, secondly, you have a better chance of finding a product tailored to your needs, and thirdly, the earlier the project, the easier it is to make any changes to the tenants in order to live in your own way.

What is worth paying attention to when choosing an apartment?

Pay attention to the layout of the apartment, the floor it occupies and its location in relation to the directions of the world – the kitchen, bedroom and living room. This “best” choice may be different for everyone. Remember that it is always worth choosing consciously, because the decision made will accompany us for the coming years.

Types of contracts signed with the developer

  • Pre-booking
  • Reservation Agreement
  • Development Agreement
  • Prospectus
  • Final Agreement – Title Deed

If you like the apartment and want to book it for a few days, to make sure that you are making the right choice, let us know and we will hold the reservation for you free of charge. You can also use this time to talk to a credit advisor to find out about your financial possibilities.

The booking agreement is the first formal agreement between the developer and the buyer and gives you the guarantee that the apartment you choose will belong exclusively to you. It is also the time to submit a loan application to the appropriate bank and wait for the decision. You pay us an advance payment of 10,000, refundable if you are unable to make the purchase or credited towards the value of the purchased apartment. Ask the developer for a template of the reservation agreement.

If you are sure of your choice and decide to sign a developer agreement – you can go straight to this stage.

Development contract

The development contract is signed at the notary’s office and it is a key moment in the process of acquiring the selected real estate. The buyer undertakes to pay the amount specified in the contract, and the developer undertakes to build the building and allocate premises for you. After signing the contract, a claim on the transfer of ownership of the premises to the buyer will be entered in the land and mortgage register. Since 2011, the developer contract has been regulated by the provisions of the Act of September 16, 2011.

What to look for when signing a developer contract?

First of all, the contract should contain provisions, the content of which is regulated by the developer law, their absence means the invalidity of the contract. The contract guarantees the transfer of ownership of the apartment to you after its construction and payment of the entire price, it also guarantees that the price will remain unchanged – regardless of the market situation.

Remember that before signing the contract, you have the right and obligation to read its content. In particular, pay attention to the following important points:

  1. Who is the seller under the development contract
  2. What is the contract price for the flat you bought
  3. Are all the products you buy (garage, storage room, proper flat, etc.)
  4. Is there information about the plot on which the property is built, what is its size, who is its owner or perpetual usufructuary, are there any easements and mortgage charges?
  5. What is the location The apartment and the location of the building?
  6. Does the investment have a final, non-contested building permit and what is the decision number?
  7. It is also important to provide the exact start and end date of construction works on a specific property. < / li>
  8. Does the contract specify the date of obtaining the occupancy permit, conditions and date of receipt of the apartment.
  9. Does the contract include the date of signing the final contract – notarial deed
  10. What are the consequences of withdrawing from the developer contract? Persian with the determination of the amount of contractual penalties for both parties.
  11. How the developer finances the construction of the investment
  12. How the developer secures the funds paid by the buyers.

Along with signing the developer contract, you sign the content of the prospectus with the notary public.

What is the Information Prospectus?

The information prospectus is an attachment to the development agreement and contains important information about the Investor, the Investment, the plot of land on which the construction is carried out, as well as information about specific real estates that are the subject of the agreement.

It is prepared in the form of a table consisting of a general part – with information about the investor, investment, documented previous construction experience and an individual part – in which you will find data on the premises / premises, garage, storage room and their location with prices, description of finishing standards common parts of the building and the adjacent area, standard of finishing the apartments.

The prospectus also contains information about the spatial development plan in the vicinity of 1 km from the investment, the construction work schedule, the date of transferring the ownership rights to the buyer, entries in the land and mortgage register, building permit.

It is a compendium of knowledge about the investment and the investor, confirming its credibility. You can read this document at the very beginning of making a decision to buy a flat.


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