When you decide to buy an apartment from Aura Development, you get as a gift free and professional help in obtaining a mortgage. Our qualified specialists work on selecting the best offer, with particular emphasis on your abilities and needs, so that you can sleep well.

If you need financial support to finalize the purchase of the selected property, the easiest solution is to use the free services of our specialists. We have the current offers of all banks and we will select the most appropriate solution, we will take care of the formalities so that the loan granting process runs quickly and efficiently.

Steps to get a loan?

Meeting with our advisor

You will learn about your creditworthiness, get acquainted with the most advantageous offers of banks and you will have help in making the right decision.

Submission of documents to the appropriate bank

We will help you collect and complete the necessary documents. You can count on our help.

Processing the application

We are in constant contact with the bank and efficiently control the loan granting process

Bank’s decision

We will quickly inform you about the bank’s decision and arrange a meeting to sign the contract.

Are you interested in a loan? Contact.

Jan Kowalski

+48 600 627 308

[email protected]

Jan Kowalski

+48 600 627 308

[email protected]


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