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Aura Real Estate Sp. z o. o. was created to implement high-quality projects in Poland, made in accordance with the latest standards. The company’s facilities are distinguished by a modern look, unique aesthetics and combine high-class architecture with economic solutions and functionality. We focus on the highest standards, both in terms of quality and design.

Many years of industry experience means that we always look at our projects with the eyes of future residents and service providers, which helps to perfectly meet the expectations of demanding customers.

At every stage of our work, we pay special attention to ecology and our common environment.


Aura Real Estate is directly related to the international company Geos ( In addition to the traditional package of services for preparing real estate for purchase, sale or lease, we also have facilities rich in tools for designing, constructing and building residential and commercial buildings. In addition, we are characterized by a complex number of competences and the ability to apply modern and optimal solutions in our field. The effects of our work so far can be admired in Ukraine, Hungary, Tunisia and Austria.

The excellent results of work bearing the name of our company are due to the highly qualified management staff and competent employees. This is evidenced by our well-established position on the international market and the constant expansion on the markets of Western and Eastern Europe.


An invaluable car of Aura Real Estate Sp. z o. o. are employees with many years of experience in housing, office and commercial construction. We want to translate this experience into new facilities that will be built on the Polish market. We are particularly interested in Kraków, Warsaw and Wrocław. Investments in these cities are to be the first step in development on the Polish market, and state-of-the-art facilities will be built in these locations.


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