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Aura Development will share your remuneration with you if you recommend our investment to someone who will buy an apartment from us. You bought an apartment from Aura and you want to recommend us to your relatives or you are interested in our investments and just want to tell your friends / family about them? Use the chance and get up to 5000PLN. The “Recommend your neighbor” program is dedicated to individuals and real estate agencies.

How do I refer friends and get a bonus?

Download the Refer A Neighbor Program Application Form – and send it to us, this is needed to be eligible for your bonus. We’ll do the rest.

Read the regulations of the “Recommend a Neighbor” program

Your indicated friend signs a contract with us for the purchase of a flat.

Aura Development transfers 2000PLN to your account, and if you are already our customer 3000PLN . However, if the payment for the apartment is settled in cash, you will receive 5000PLN .

Recommendation Form

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    Data of the Recommending Person

    Details of the Recommended Person

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