Tenant Changes

When the construction is at such an early stage that it is still possible to make functional changes to the apartment – we will do it for you. All you need to do is present a design from an architect or your own, and we will create an apartment tailored to your needs.

What can be changed?

You can move or remove partition walls, only the load-bearing walls will remain in place.

You can make technical changes to: water, electricity and heating. After accepting the costs – we will make changes to the apartment for you, if only the construction phase allows us to do so. The sooner you let us know about it – the better.

Reception of the apartment

When a developer builds an investment in which you will live soon, the construction supervision issues an occupancy permit. After receiving the decision, we will invite you to pick up the apartment. This is a very important moment for which you should be well prepared. It is important that you reserve more time that day to see the apartment carefully in daylight. Remember to take the flat projection and the installation diagram with you in order to compare whether what is written in the contract and drawn in the plans is actually done. The measuring cup, spirit level, angle bar, test tube and bulb holders to check the lighting will be helpful.

When picking up the apartment, you can check the finishing standard, compare whether the materials used are in accordance with those described in the contract, the correct positioning of walls and floors, internal plasters, and the correct planting of windows. Finally, be sure to check out the balcony, garage and tenant’s cell.

The receipt of the premises ends with the signing of the acceptance protocol, if you have noticed any defects, please report them during the reception and save. The developer will verify the reported defects and inform you about the date of their repair. write down all comments on the site so that they should be recorded in it. The developer determines the repair date in a short time.

When picking up the premises, you will receive from us:

Keys to the apartment, garbage can, letter box

Codes for the front door

Garage door remote control

Warranty please provide space for text

After the apartment pick-up procedure, you still have to sign the deed of ownership and you are at home J! à I am asking for a space for a short text, max 10 sentences

Remember to report to the appropriate Tax Office in order to register as a real estate tax payer.


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