For the majority, then it a psychological reputation where zero second sexual functions make

For the majority, then it a psychological reputation where zero second sexual functions make

Legal majority in Jewish law was achieved relatively early in comparison to contemporary standards. It reflected the standards and generally shorter lifespan of antiquity. There was great concern for virginity. The choice of pubic hair as a sign created the need for close examination of the pubic area in the situations mentioned above. The conflict between modesty and women’s legal status is embodied in the discussion of who examined the girls for the existence of pubic hairs. By creating alternate “upper signs” for breast development, some of the need to examine the girl’s pubic area was eliminated. The rabbinic ages, however, did not relinquish all control in the matter, allowing women to examine girls only before or after the critical time, but if during the critical time only in order to disqualify the girl’s legal position. If the examination was for the sake of me’un, women’s testimony was accepted only to disqualify her by claiming she had two pubic hairs. If the examination was for halizah, only their claim that she did not have pubic hair was accepted, which disqualified her from halizah (BT Niddah 48b). The sages appeared to have been less worried about women’s modesty than about retaining their own legal control. Women, however, were allowed to examine girls for signs of virginity, which was a much more intimate examination (Tosefta Niddah 5:4).

By declaring adulthood on a stage prior to adolescence and you will strong intimate desire (the look of a couple pubic hairs may be half a year to couple of years in advance of menarche and/or ability to ejaculate), brand new sages attempted to manage sex and you can manage life from the structure of spiritual obligations

While in the youth college students had been educated. Eg a kid, a woman try taught regarding restrictions and you will both undergone an occasion of training into timely at the time away from Atonement, which drops to your ten th day of brand new Hebrew week out-of Tishrei which is predicated on prayer and you can accelerated.

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