6- „Homosexual Is Lovin’ Boys”: Homosexual Label during the Harlem

6- „Homosexual Is Lovin’ Boys”: Homosexual Label during the Harlem

18. Such separatist ideological term can finest explain the racial thinking statistically taken into account by the Schuman, Steeh, and you will Bobo (1985).

21. „This type of character numbers had been essential. They represented the fuel, self-esteem, and bravery of a lot Negroes managed to manifest regardless of its restricted problem. . . . Immediately after bondage Afro-American folklore started to ability other sorts of heroes too: secular, peoples heroes who were to not end up being contained because of the limitations of genuine” (Levine ).

twenty two. John Henry try a black colored laborer, a giant, powerful boy off servant ancestry which has worked regarding mines and you will to your railroads.

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