What to look for in 2023

What to look for in 2023

Whenever clouds throughout the heavens and falling precipitation tease a couple of close nearest and dearest in trouble, Precipitation and you can Sky, it needs these to meet Payu and you can Prapai, a couple of close friends and profitable cyclists. The show earliest narrates the story of Rain, that has a great break on a woman named Ple, whom, in addition to the majority of the fresh buildings children, has a good smash to the alumni, Payu. Immediately after becoming saved that too many times by biker/ architect prodigy, Precipitation in the future knows what draws individuals to Payu.

Heavens becomes stuck on crosshairs out of Rain’s strategy in order to seduce Payu, and he caters for Prapai, Payu’s best friend and you may biker/entrepreneur, exactly who insists into the getting him. Although not, Prapai in the near future realises that it’ll never be simple, which have Sky’s early in the day preventing him out-of believing into the real love.

War regarding Y

The brand new Thai BL community may look shiny externally, but trailing-the-views happenings give a very other tale. Conflict from Y now offers understanding of what goes on about the newest cams.

In accordance with the expression you to definitely actual combat comes from anyone, maybe not weapons, new collection comes after four tales and you will 16 more stars, each tackling genuine issues such ‘shipping’ culture and predators in the industry.

If you have already seen that which you to your the number or who would like to strengthen its binge-watchlist, below are a few highly-expected Thai BL dramas away from 2023.

Moonlight Chicken

Moonlight Poultry tells the storyline throughout the Jim (Pirapat Watthanasetsiri , Earth), an ordinary kid whom carries Hainanese chicken grain for a full time income, whom meets Wen (Sahaphap Wongratch, Mix), an intoxicated customers in the diner.

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